Sara and Lorraine

Sara Lynn Evans (born February 5th 7th, 1971) was the oldest among seven children raised by her parents on the farms located in New Franklin Missouri. Music has always been an integral aspect of her life, and when she was five, she sang every weekend with her family's band. When she was sixteen she started singing at an evening club near Columbia Missouri a gig that was for 2 years. Her goal was to become a country singer. So, in 1991, Sara relocated from Missouri's Kansas City and moved to Nashville Tennessee. Sara was performing a tune from Harlan Howard's Tiger By the Tail in County Q Studios when he saw her. He decided to have Sara sing his music. RCA has signed the singer to an agreement. Evans released Three Chords and the Truth which was her debut album in 1997. The album was praised by many critics as a return to the traditional country sound and placed it in the Top Ten Albums of the year lists. Unfortunately, the album didn't make it into the top 40 on Radio station. Lorraine Bracco..................... Lorraine Bracco is an American actress, known for her notable performance in the television series. The Sopranos. Born in New York she grew up in Long Island and later moved to France for a career in show business and began working as a fashion model. In later years, she moved on to other fields like the radio jockey job at Radio Luxembourg. In the late 1970s she was the first feature film actress to make her debut and appeared in a couple of other French feature films too. In the following years she moved to America to pursue a career in Hollywood. In Goodfellas she achieved the most popularity, and she was nominated by some of Hollywood's most prestigious award bodies including Academy Award. While she started out in film she was later employed in television series and had success.

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