Ayiiia Elizarraras

Ayiiia, the winner of realworldcasting.com was able to get her place on the show thanks to the faithful friends who worked with her. Although Ayiiia is from Mexican origin and is fluent in Spanish she is making her first time traveling for extended periods in Mexico. She's not afraid to speak her mind. However, sometimes she does it with a violent attitude that irritates the other roommates. She quickly finds that living in The Real World house is significantly more stressful than she imagined. Ayiiia who was a party girl who's been involved in drug abuse and also cutting is an adolescent who has a past circumstances. Although she's loyal to the ones she cherishes and is said to remain non-judgmental, you shouldn't be on her side since Ayiiia is the kind of person who will hold grudges. Ayiiia had a romantic relationship with a different woman. In the years prior to her reunion, she lived at San Diego with her mother as well as looking for a home with her own. In the reunion that she was with Jonna did not have a relationship because of issues they faced during filming.

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