Anna Koshmal

Anna Koshmal was born in Kyiv Ukraine on October 22 1994. Anna Koshmal is 27 years aged. Unfortunately no information on the family members of her parents are available through the internet. Anna Koshmal comes from Ukrainian heritage, and follows the Christian faith. Anna's income is about $2 million. The money she earns comes from her acting in TV and movies. Anna is also a model for various magazines is an interesting part-time job for her. Anna Koshmal dreamed of becoming an artist when she was six years old. The artist was not sure what she intended to do with her life. As a child, she attended many artistic classes. Anna attended singing classes and contemporary dance classes. Also, she is an excellent artist. In a variety of interviews Komal is known to have spoken about their talent to paint. In the course of two months, the parents of Komal compelled her to learn in a drama studio called Republic Kids. The actress was successful in completing the theater drama course she completed, to become knowledgeable about theatre and acting. She then went on to The Faculty of Music and Management for lessons in pop music under the supervision under the direction of L. I. Utyosov. The result was that she was selected by a film team following her graduation from the Faculty of Music. See the video below to learn how it happened! Kvartal 95 Studio approached Anna Koshmal in the year she turned 17 years old. As a student at Republic Kids she was approached. The potential of her as an actor was acknowledged by the studio's agent. She on the other hand was unsure of the character she was auditioning for when casting agents approached her. She did not do anything but perform songs that she'd learned and did a bit of acting in front of agents. Her agency approved her almost quickly. Her acting debut was in Match Makers, a TV comedy series.

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