Nicky Whelan

Nicky Whelan was born in 1981. Nicky is an Australian actor as well as model. Her fame was sparked in Australia due to her portrayal of Pepper Steiger, which she played over a 100 episodes on the soap opera Australian Neighbors between 2006 between 2006 and 2007. She made her Hollywood debut on two shows. The first one was Hollywood & Wine an comedy choral project in which she was a young, aspiring actor. In the 9th season Scrubs she was Maya who is a very beautiful medical student. However, suddenly the series was canceled. She then continued filming a Farrelly Brothers comedy Good to Shoot, starring the duo Jason Sudeikis Owen Wilson. Then she played in B-series film and short series. The year 2013 saw her to land more exposed projects: she appeared in six episodes of the series detective Franklin and Bash then landed her first part in the web-based series Chosen played with Milo Ventimiglia. The role she plays is the first two seasons of the series also giving the reply to Chad Michael Murray. Following that, she landed support roles in two wonderful feature films that were set in planes: one was a television film produced for the SyFy channel Flight 7500 The one Way Back with a cast of TV actors and the second is the action movie Le Chaos, carried by Nicolas Cage. The role she plays is an Air Attendant. She shares the poster of an upcoming TV show called Matador, together with Gabriel Luna. The 13-episode season is the only thing that's available for this Robert Rodriguez-produced thriller in which actors are CIA agents. She then continues to work on a pilot show which does not work out. She released the trailer for the romance B-Series Borrowed Moments in 2015 with Brian Krause, then appeared in the role of Kad Cuoco and Kevin Hart's co-stars in the show Witness for Rent. The experimental Knight of Cups, directed by Terrence malick, was also distributed widely. Also, she appears in five of the Satisfaction episodes.

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